Banned portable ultrasound machines found in CDMO’s residence

Balasore: Two portable ultrasound machines, which are banned in Odisha, were found in possession of doctors during a health department raid on clinics and residences of doctors in the district headquarter town here today.

The team headed by Ranjita Pattnaik raided the medical establishments and seized two portable ultrasound machines, banned since 2012 under the Pre-Conception and Pre?Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act.

While one portable machine was found in a nursing home Kausalya Memorial, another was found at the residence of Chief District Medical Officer Anup Ghosh.

The machine found in the CDMO’s residence was in the name of his mother. Kausalya Memorial was run by Dr Sudhir Ghosh. Both units were seized.

Padmnabh Dora, the local magistrate said “The portable ultrasound machines were sealed after being seized. During raids it was found that the license of Kausalya Memorial nursing home had expired one year ago. Subsequent actions will be taken by the health department.”

Neither the CDMO, nor the owner of Kausalya Memorial nursing home were available for comments.