Another infant branded with hot iron, admitted to hospital

Koraput: In another case of inhuman torture based on superstition, a 22-day old ill infant of Jhodiguda village under Borigumma block in the district was branded with hot iron for his treatment.

According to reports, son of Khageswara Harijan was ill for past several days. On being adviced by neighbours, the family member of the baby took him to a local quack. On his suggestion, the parents of the infant branded him with hot iron all over his body to cure him.

“My son has skin infections inside his mouth and some problem in his abdomen. So I took him to a local quack. On his suggestion, we branded him with hot iron,” said the infant’s father Khageswara Harijan.

“But when his condition started deteriorating after the iron branding, I admitted him to Jeypore sub-divisional hospital,” Harijan added.

Dr Sandip Tripathy, a doctor at the government-run hospital who is attending the infant said, “The baby was given 15 to 20 hot iron brandings on his abdomen. The burn injuries caused by the iron branding is healing and the condition of the baby is stable.”

In a recent incident, a 27-day old boy was branded with hot iron rod in Butipadar village under Sadar Block of Nabarangpur district on December 24.

As the baby was suffering from respiratory problems and had a swollen abdomen, her family members called up a quack for treatment of the infant. On his suggestion, they branded the infant with hot iron nails on his stomach.