Aluminium use in automobiles reduces pollution: Nalco CMD

Bhubaneswar: Growing application of aluminium in automobile industry has not only increased fuel efficiency but also reduced the vehicular pollution, said Nalco CMD T K Chand.

“While the developed countries use on an average 140 kg of aluminium per vehicle, in India it is about 40 kg only.

Nevertheless, by 2016 the use of this lightweight metal in auto sector in India is expected to go up by at least three times,” said Chand, on the sidelines an Auto Fest here yesterday.

Stating that replacement of one kg of heavy metal by aluminium reduces 22 kg of carbon dioxide emission during the lifecycle of a vehicle, Chand said, “Most importantly, at the end of a vehicle’s life nearly 90 per cent of the aluminium is recyclable.

“Initially, aluminium gained a foothold in wheels and transmission casings. Now, it is widely used in hoods, trunks, doors, bumpers and other structures. Breakthroughs in welding technology have opened up further vistas of possibilities,” Chand added.