Air curtain machines installed at Sri Mandir

Puri: In a bid to safeguard the idols of the holy trinity from dirt and dust during the repair work of Jagamohan, the hall facing the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Jagannath temple here, two air curtain machines have been installed at the ‘Kalahata Dwara’ at the 12th century shrine.

According to reports, Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha (IDCO) first constructed an iron frame before installing the two machines at the temple.

According to sources, the 3-foot long machines will be operational from Sunday. The repair work at the Jagamohan, it may be noted, has been put on hold due to Basant Panchami rituals at the temple.

The machines will not be operational during the rituals of the trinity, the sources added.

“We have planned to install air filter machines during the repair work of Jagamohan. As such high speed machines are not available in the market, we have procured it by placing special order. The machine will be operational from Sunday,” said engineer Tapan Kumar Panda, Deputy Manager (Electrical), IDCO.

“With the installation of the machine, dust and whitewash cannot enter the ‘garbha gruha’”, Panda added.