Action against dance bars flouting norms: RP Sharma

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate police on Tuesday woke up to react against the illegal dance bars operating in the state capital after the news was aired by Odisha Television showing girls dancing in the bar and the customers flinging currency notes at them.

“We will take action against the bars which are being operated beyond permissible amusements. We will also ask the excise department to cancel their licences,” police commissioner, RP Sharma said.

“Certainly we will not allow them to use loud music systems in their bars. If they are following any illegal practices, strict action will be taken against them,” he stated.

Yesterday in an exclusive footage aired by the Odisha Television, girls were seen dancing inside a bar. The visual too showed customers were flinging notes at them.

As per the regulation laid down by Section 25 of Odisha, Bihar Excise Act, 1915, girls or women cannot be engaged in dancing inside a bar. In Odisha, there are no provisions of giving away licenses for operating dance bars.