42 Odia girls set to marry Patel men

Bhubaneswar: As many as 42 women from Odisha are set to tie the knot with Patidar or Patel men at a mass marriage ceremony in Surat.

The selection of the eligible bachelors was done at a “swayamvar”, organised by the Patidar Samaj and Surat Odisha Samaj jointly in Surat. Such weddings were started two years ago to overcome the problem of bride shortage in the Patidar community because of the skewed sex ratio.

In Gujarat, the number of male and female ratio is 1000:918.

Patel Samaj’s organiser Jagdish Patel said,” In Gujarat, the difference between the number of male and female is high which why unmarried men are facing problems in getting married. With the help such marriages, Odisha Samaj girls can chose their bridegroom as per their choice and marry our men.”

Evoking similar response, Surat-based Odisha Samaj’s organizer Shivarm Nayak said, “Many people are staying from Odisha here who we can help in marrying off their girls. Besides, people of Gujarat are very simple and affectionate and Odia girls are accepted well.”

In 2014, total 22 Odia girls had married Patel men. This year, 42 women from different districts in Odisha came to Surat to choose their grooms.

Kunti, parent of a young girl who participated in the swayamvar, said, “People here are not demanding anything as dowry which is why we came here.”