21-day-old dies after consuming polio drops

Kendrapara: In a bizarre incident, a 21-day-old infant died allegedly after consuming polio drops at Kathiapada on Sunday.

Tension erupted in the area following spread of the news of infant death. Family members alleged that an ASHA worker insisted on giving polio drops to the baby boy though he was suffering from chicken pox. After 15 minutes of consuming the polio drop, the baby fell ill. Subsequently, the infant was admitted to primary health centre at Pattamundai where the doctor declared him dead.

Declining charges, the ASHA worker said, “When the family members of the baby said he was suffering from chicken pox, we asked them whether the infant was having food properly. As they said the infant is having mother’s milk on time, we administered him polio drops. In case of illness, we do not give the polio drops.”

Commenting on the incident, Nirakar Parida, Medical Officer, said, “The infant did not die because of polio drops. As he was suffering from chicken pox, the reason behind his death could be the disease or anemia. Post mortem will reveal the cause behind his death. We have informed the higher-ups about the incident.”