Opposition objects ministers entry to Assly

Bhubaneswar: Opposition Congress on Wednesday raised objections over Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout`s entry into the state Assembly as police case is being registered against him for allegedly making objectionable remarks against `Harijan` community.

As soon as the Zero Hour began, Opposition congress raised the issue over casteist remark made by Rout and sought a clarification from chief minister on this.
Raising question over how the minister is coming to the house when cases against him are subjudice, Congress MLA Santosh Singh Saluja said adding that Rout is defying the ruling of the House.
“Cases against the minister are there since last six months. Even the High court has denied him bail. Then how is he coming to the House ?” asked Congress MLA Santosh Singh Saluja.
He (Rout) has defied the ruling of former Speaker of the House and tarnished the reputation of the House. Hence the chief minister must give a statement on this.” Saluja added.
However, brushing aside the charges, Rout said that since no warrant has been issued against him and only cases are registered against him, he is breaking no rule by entering into the House.
“He, against whom warrant will be there will not come to the House and nothing sort of that is against me. Honourable High court has directed me to approach lower court as no anticipatory bail can be issued in such cases”, said Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout.
“There is no difference in it but the Opposition is trying to create an environment to mislead the public”, he added.
With support from his fellow party members, Rout said that it is a conspiracy against him to oust from the ministry.
Last year, the minister had made casteist remark in a public meeting and a case was registered against him. The minister had filed an anticipatory bail to prevent arrest. The Orissa High court on March 28 had asked him to appear in the lower court and apply for bail.