One year after Bargarh farmer Brunda’s death, his family struggles for livelihood

Bargarh: Despite the State government’s assurance to provide all kinds of assistance to the family of farmer Brunda Sahu, who had committed suicide by consuming pesticide at Kalapani village in the district over crop loss due to pest attack; all the promises are found out to be false now.

One year since debt-ridden Brunda torched his pest-affected crops and committed suicide, the family of the farmer are grappling with poverty and sustenance.

Even though the district administration had assured Priti, Brunda’s daughter scholarship for education, she had to leave her studies some months back as the family does not have money to bear the expenditure.

The family of Brunda is yet to get a pucca house or land to build house that the concerned authorities had promised them a year back.

“When my father died a year back, many leaders of different political parties visited us and promised us all kinds of help. They had promised us to provide funds under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) for a house, scholarship for me to study but we are yet to get anything. I was forced to discontinue my studies. After my father’s death, livelihood has extremely become difficult for us,” Priti alleged.

The farmer’s son, Rajesh Sahi alleged, “They had assured us to give a house or a land but we are yet to receive anything. Although the concerned authorities gave me a job, I am paid on daily wage basis and the salary often gets delayed.”

On the other hand, Bargarh Tehsildar, Sabyasachi Panda informed, “We are investigating if the family has a land. If the family is found to be landless following an enquiry, the administration would provide them a patch of land.”