Olive Ridleys vrs fishermen in Kendrapara

Kendrapara: The fishermen in the entire coastal district are a troubled lot. For hundreds of traditional fishermen it is a strange struggle for survival. The trouble started after the forest department declared Gohirmatha, said to be the world`s largest rookery, as a reserved zone. For the fishermen that meant denial of fishing in an area of over 20 kilometre on the coastline. What was once their traditional right now became illegal. Naturally, they are up in arms.

The fishermen have started taking to the streets. The fishermen union spearheading the agitation has urges the district collector to address the problem arising out of the governement decision. Said Narayan Haldar," Hundreds of fishermen have become jobless and their very survival is under threat. The government must provide us compensation and also take steps to reduce the area of no-entry zone."

Hundreds of fishermen families know not any other profession for generations. Suddenly, they are pitched against another creature of the nature, the rare Olive Ridley turtle which criss-crosses thousands of miles to lay eggs on the Gohirmatha coast. They nhave been crowing for years to address the crisis and provide other professional avenues.

The district collector Pradip Pattanaik however has assured that he would soon meet the members of the fishermen union and initiate steps to solve the problem.