Odisha doctor while bidding adieu leaves villagers in tears

Nabarangpur: While some doctors harbour apprehensions, fearing lack of comfort and facilities, to serve in rural and remote areas, Dr. Kishore Chandra Das has been an exception of sorts and no less than exemplary.

There is a saying that a doctor is second only to God and thousands of people of Tentulikhunti block in Nabarangpur district revere Das so much that they broke down into tears after hearing the news of his departure.

Thanks to his beautiful rapport with the public, Das has carved out a niche for himself and an example for others to follow. Not only his treatment but also his administrative abilities, congeniality and selfless service for the public and that too without taking a single penny, are something that the residents of the block swear by.

When he arrived at the local CHC eight years back, for local people, he was no different than his predecessors, but seeing men and women crying over his departure compels one to feel that he was like no other.

Das single-handedly transformed the once- dilapidated community health centre of the area into a modern medical facility, which seemed like a far-fetched dream, a few years back.

Sources said that Das upgraded the health centre by setting up an air-conditioned (AC) delivery room, an operation theatre and an oxygen concentrator, among other facilities, but ironical it may seem to many, he never fitted an AC in his own room.

At a time when the doctor-to-public ratio is poor in the state, not to talk about the backward districts where the condition is far more worse, Das reminds that people like him can actually make a difference.

Last Sunday when Dr Das finally decided to move out to pursue higher studies in orthopaedics, locals turned out in huge numbers to wave him goodbye.

Hundreds of people came out on the streets to bid an emotional farewell to Dr Das and the scenes were a proof what he did and what he changed. Emotions ran high, and everyone was in tears, including the doctor himself.