Odias celebrate Samba Dashami with religious fervour

Puri/ Konark: People in large number thronged the world famous Sun temple in Konark to offer special prayers to Sun on the occasion of Samba Dashami today. Thousands of devotees gathered at Chandrabhaga beach, situated near the Sun temple to take a holy dip in the sea on the auspicious day.

Samba Dashami is a unique ritual observed in the month of Pausha as per the traditional Odia calendar.

Odia people across the State observe this day with religious fervour. On this day mothers observe special puja and rituals dedicated to Lord Surya for the good health and long life of their children.

They offer special food like Khichdi, different types of traditional cakes (pitha in local parlance), and Ghadghadia Tarkari to Sun God. Each prepared food item is offered in the name of certain family member.

As per the mythology, Samba, son of Lord Krishna, was afflicted by leprosy and was cured by the Sun God Surya after 12 years of penance near Konark.