Nuapada women craft livelihood through paddy grains

Nuapada: Women in the Khudapeja village of Nuapada district are using tiny golden grains of paddy to craft a better future for themselves. At least 30 women from this little known hamlet are weaving magic using un-skinned rice grains to create impressive products and earn themselves a decent income.

The rice grains are strung together to bamboo slivers using bright colorful threads to create beautiful objects and crafts.  We usually make vases, puja baskets, flowers and idols and all of them sell between Rs 500 and  Rs 1500 ,” said Sabitri, one of the paddy craft artisans.


“Many of us have picked up the skill really fast and are able to make a number of them in a day. All of us are thankful for the support provided by the government,” said Pushpa another artisan.

“Most of these women were labourers and construction workers earlier. Many would migrate to cities to find jobs. But things changed after they evinced interest in learning this paddy craft. We contacted the DIC which formed two SHG groups and provided them with the required training,” informed trainer Kanhei Gadnadia.

Today, the products are slowly making  inroads into the district and state level craft melas and exhibitions. “It is nice to see the new found confidence in these women and the drive to do better. They have requested us to ensure marketing linkages for the products and we will certainly do the needful,” informed Trilochan Kar, General Manager, DIC, Nuapada.