Now bird flu among crows

Khurda/Baripada: After fowls now it is the crows. For the first time in the state avian influenza has been detected among crows in Kerang area of Khurda district and in Madanmohanpara of Angul district while culling of fowls commenced today morning within a three kilometre radius of Bahanada area under Betanati block of Mayurbhanj district.

The animal husbandry department has set a target of culling above eight and half thousand of folws in over 20 villages in Bahanada area. Twenty rapid response teams have been engaged in culling and the bird-keepers wouild be compensated after culling.

The animal husbandry department had sent 17 blood serum samples of dead crows collected from several parts of the state while the samples from Kerang and Angul were found to be positive. The veterinary experts have warned the public not to touch the dead crows but to either dump or burn the crows. The public have been requested to inform the nearest veterinary hospital staff about such incidents.