Noise in State assembly over denial of privilege to members

Bhubaneswar: State assembly on Tuesday witnessed noisy scenes with opposition Congress MLAs protesting in the well after the Speaker refused permission for a debate on fertiliser scarcity and other matters.

The issue was raised by Congress Chief Whip Prasad Harichandan who strongly opposed Speaker Pradip Amat not allowing an adjournment motion or special mention by members. The Congress MLAs rushed to the well of the house and shouted slogans seeking permission to raise certain matters.

The Congress members said that adjournment motion and special mention were their privilege. It was not proper to deny rights of the members, they shouted in protest.

However, Speaker Amat clarified that he was not able to spare time on debate as a number of bills were pending for passage. Speaker`s appeal to agitating members to go back to their seats failed to yield any result as the Congress MLAs shouted "Hai … Hai".

The noise, however, subsided in the house as Amat announced a division of votes on the Odisha Special Survey and Settlement Bill-2012, discussion on which remained inconclusive last night.

The agitating members had to return to their seats in order to take part in the vote.