Nazima Bano: Odia peace keeping girl in Liberia

Jeypore: Women cadets in the armed forces, which was once a male bastion, have proved that they are second to none in providing protection to the country. Not just in providing security to the country, the female cadets have proved their mettle in peace keeping forces in the world as well. Meet Nazima Bano, the girl from Jeypore and learn her own story as a member of the peace keeping force in distant Liberia.

February 7, 2011. A 125-member Women Contingent from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) left New Delhi for the troubled western African nation of Liberia. The members of the peace keeping contingent, before leaving for Liberia, had to undergo rigorous training for months together. The members were also provided valuable information about the political situation in Liberia, its culture and traditions of its natives. The girl from small town Jeypore, Nazima Bano, was a part of that contingent.

Life in trouble-torn Liberia was anything but smooth. Yet Nazima as a part of the peace keeping mission proved her mettle facing odds with ease and equanimity. While on duty she felt proud for being part of a contingent which was engaged to maintain law and order for a peaceful world order. Nazima proudly stood as a member of the escort party of the Liberian President and Vice-President during the Presidential election in September last. Nazima has just returned home after spending nearly one year in the western African nation.

Nazima is rejoicing every moment of her life now with her family members and childhood friends. The salwar kameez has replaced the peace keeper`s uniform though for the time being. The gun that was a constant friend in Liberia has taken the back seat. Nazima goes regularly to her alma mater, the school where she was taught. And come evening she is seen in the village playground.

Nazima lost her father early for which she had to face trouble in her education. Yet Nazima who had special fascination for games and sports was fastidious enough to join the security forces after her intermediate. And thus she landed up in the CRPF to fulfill her dream. And the Liberia experience added a glorious feather to her cap.