Naveen for equitable deployment of central forces

New Delhi: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday emphasized that to tackle Maoist menace, a two pronged strategy was required with equitable deployment of Central Forces amongst the left wing extremism (LWE) affected States. Patnaik stressed on the need to adopt the strategy including firm enforcement of law and accelerated development.

The CM was addressing a meeting of the leaders of various political parties convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss issues related to Naxal violence in various states, in New Delhi.

Patnaik too stressed on addressal of economic inequality by providing special attention to the tribal and backward areas where the Maoists are taking advantage of the inaccessible forest areas as their hideouts, a release said.

Raising concern over the national issue, he stated that Maoists were targetting the porous State boundaries to escape from one state to another after committing the acts of violence. This calls for well coordinated joint efforts for seamless operations against the Maoists across State borders, added he.

Further, he stated that the inter-state joint Task Forces should be created for joint and coordinated anti-Naxal operations in inter-state border areas including sharing of intelligence for effective and coordinated operations.

Highlighting the delay caused in the construction of a bridge on Sileru river at Motu in Malkangiri district by Government of Andhra Pradesh, Patnaik suggested that the neighbouring states should join hands to help each other to effectively tackle the menace of LWE.

He asserted that the menace has to be crushed firmly to uphold democracy and the rule of law. This requires liberal Central budgetary allotment for ensuring adequate and equitable deployment of Police Forces, improvement of roads, communication, helicopter support, health care, education, public distribution system and other basic requirements.