Naveen disrespects & backstabs associates: Amit Shah

Political atmosphere in Odisha looks like a cauldron with all the major political parties in the State making large-ditch efforts to woo voters

Bhubaneswar: BJP national president Amit Shah today slammed the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD government in Odisha over mining and chit fund scams. He also alleged that the BJD chief never respects his associates and has the habit of backstabbing his party (BJD) leaders.

During the launch of party manifesto ‘Sankalp Patra’ for Odisha elections 2019, Amit Shah said, “BJD proved worse than Congress in Odisha. Lack of vision, interest, greed for power and corruption of the Naveen government led to the destruction of Odisha.”

He further said that Naveen put the principles of democracy at stake.. “Naveen has the habit of not respecting associates, backstabbing party leaders and removing those who stand as an entity by themselves. This is a weird form of politics that has taken birth during his regime,” Shah alleged.

The BJP chief also slammed Naveen over mining and chit fund scams and said that those involved in corrupt practices will be put behind bars if the saffron party is voted to power in Odisha and a “New Odisha” will be built.

“While corruption was rampant in allocation of mines, chit fund scam flourished because of the protection provided to those involved in corrupt practices. A large number of innocent investors were taken for a ride. We, after coming to power, will put them behind bars,” he asserted

Shah also alleged that most of the senior leaders of the ruling-BJD were sidelined and the powers of the elected representatives have been handed over to the bureaucrats in the State. “Bureaucrats, who have no understanding of people’s aspirations, are running the show in Odisha,” he alleged.

Odisha is lagging in drinking water, houses, healthcare, safety and security of women, education and several other fields despite being rich in resources, he reiterated.

The political atmosphere in Odisha looks like a cauldron with all the major political parties leaving no stone unturned to show the rival as unfit and making large-ditch efforts to woo the voters. Besides, over the next three days prior to the first phase polls on April 11, the high-voltage campaign in the State is expected to reach a crescendo with heavyweights and star campaigners putting their best foot forward to garner votes.

Responding to the BJP chief’s allegations, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra said the BJP manifesto for Odisha is another attempt of the saffron party to spread lies. The BJP had promised big in its 2014 election manifesto, but it was all a lie. In its current manifesto, the BJP is trying to hide some lies of its previous manifesto by giving a new look.

He said, “The BJP had promised special state status to Odisha in its 2014 manifesto, but it is missing in its manifesto for 2019. It had also promised second bridge on Brahmani river, ISPAT Medical College, but those also vanished from its current manifesto.”

Accusing the BJP of lying to the people of Odisha, Patra further said that the intention of the saffron party towards Odisha is quite clear from its silence on key issues like Polavaram, coal royalty revision and creation of employment.