‘Naidu exposes BJP’s political helplessness’

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) today said Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has “exposed” BJP’s “political helplessness” by giving a call to non-Congress parties not to fall prey to Congress’ alleged gameplan.

“Naidu’s call to other parties only exposes the political helplessness of BJP which has now realised that all parties are siding with Congress over some issue or the other,” OPCC President Prasad Harichandan told reporters while reacting to Naidu’s call to non-Congress parties here.

Harichandan said all the non-BJP parties have now understood that the NDA government was taking certain steps which were against farmers and poor. Therefore, other parties are against the Centre’s anti-farmer and anti-poor policies, he said.

Stating that different parties in eastern India and other parts of the country have now realised that the Modi government tried to amend the land act to benefit corporates at the cost of farmers, he said the NDA government should now also refrain from making any changes in the act.

Harichandan was reacting to Naidu’s statement aimed at non-Congress parties “To understand their (Congress) game plan.

“They should not fall prey to the tactics of Congress aimed at stalling progress and reforms,” Naidu had said in the statement.

To a question, Harichandan asked,” Is it an Act of misleading the people if the Congress demands retention of the consent clause in the Land Act? Should the people not be made aware about the NDA’s bid to allow corporates to acquire extra land.”

The OPCC chief was also critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement in Mathura rally where he cautioned the corrupt people to wait for the “Bure Din.”

“Modi was earlier speaking about Acchhe Din for the country men. Now the Prime Minister has changed his slogan to ‘Bura Din’,” Harichandan said.

Meanwhile, the OPCC President also announced joining of BJD leader Hamid Hussain in the Congress. “Hussain joined Congress after realising that the officers rule the state and not the political leaders,” Harichandan said.

Hussain was a prominent BJD leader in western odisha districts of Bargarh.