‘Majana’ ritual of Mangala performed

Kakatapur: ‘Majana’, one of the important rituals leading to the Nabakalebar of the Holy Trinity, was performed today at the Mangala temple here.

During the ritual Goddess Mangala was given a holy bath and cleansed with 108 pots of water. Servitors prayed before the goddess to get ‘swapnadesh’ or divine prophecy in their dream regarding the location of the daru, the neem tree the wood of which would be used to make the new idols of the deities.

Notably, as per tradition, the team will resume its journey in search for ‘daru’ after getting the ‘swapnadesh’.

The yatra, which marks beginning of Nabakalebar rituals to make the new idols, took off from Puri. Puri royal Gajapati Dibya Singh Dev, who is considered as the first servitor of Lord Jagannath, flagged off the expedition on March 29. The last Nabakalebara had taken place in 1996.