Mukti Mandap team conducts inspection of broken Lingaraj idols

Bhubaneswar: A 10-member team of Puri Srimandir Mukti Mandap Pandita Mandali conducted an inspection of the eight broken idols of Lord Lingaraj’s “Chalanti Pratima” at Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar today. The team was accompanied by Executive officer of Sri Lingaraj Temple Trust Board and four representatives of the temple’s Nijogs.

The eight idols in the southern chamber of the temple are in a state of decay since long and the Nijogs of the temple have regularly apprised the Executive officer of Sri Lingaraj Temple Trust Board about the issue.

Inspection of the idols had earlier been carried out in 2015 by the Mandali  which had advised that the idols should be replaced. However, after the servitors of Lingaraj temple demanded repair of the broken idols, the Sri Lingaraj Temple Trust Board put a proposal before the Mandali.

While the Mandali authorities stated that the repair work should be carried out following certain rules, many skilled artisans expressed their unwillingness to repair the broken idols as per the norms.

Executive officer of Sri Lingaraj Temple Trust Board Rajiv Lochan Parida had informed that the board has decided to follow the norms set by Mandali but since the artisans are reluctant, the issue will be once again discussed.

“Ten learned Pandits of Mukti Mandap Mandali had arrived for the inspection and as per their suggestion few master artisans had been invited for a discussion. A joint verification of the Chalanti Pratima was conducted, a report of which will be provided within two to four days. Further action will be taken on basis of the report,” said Parida.