Monkey menace in Kendrapara

Kendrapara: A rogue monkey has injured nearly 50 persons in some villages of Kendrapara district forcing residents to stay indoors. Residents of Gatanai and Naladiasasana under Tikiarapanga gram panchayat are witnessing the simian violence since the past one week.

Classroom teaching in the government-run village primary school has also come to a halt due to the menace unleashed by the rowdy monkey. "We have been forced to suspend classes as the monkey frequently disrupted classes in Naladia Sasana Primary School.

We are told it attacked some students. Attendance dropped sharply as parents are scared to send their wards to school," District Inspector of Schools Gobind Chandra Pati said. He said the school will reopen once the monkey is driven away.

Veterinary researchers said such violent behaviour on the part of monkeys has become more pronounced since the 1999 super-cyclone as with majority of the giant trees gone, they are suffering from a "hunger syndrome". "We have summoned forest personnel to cage the monkey and to restore order in both the villages," Collector Pradipta Kishore Pattnaik said.