Modified rinsing system installed at RSP

Rourkela: As a part of the Centre of Excellence project at Silicon Steel Mill of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), a modified rinsing system has been installed at Anneal and Pickle line improving functions.
The new system has led to improved strip surface quality, acid recovery and reduced load on effluent treatment plan.
Earlier, after the pickling process, the acid on the strip surface used to be squeezed by squeezer and the strip in 3 cold rinsing tanks, RSP sources said.
The cold supply water was being sprayed on both side of the strip. Mixing of acidic water from first tank to remaining two tanks was observed because of absence of close loop rinsing system. It also resulted in continuous consumption and over-flow of water, they said.
Due to continuous flow of acidic rinsed water, the load on acid treatment plant was high as well as involved high cost. During summer and rainy seasons, the supply rinse water from Plant reservoir used to contain lots of mud and dust.
This debris resulted in brown stain marks on the strip thereby affecting its surface quality.
The modified closed-loop hot and cold rinsing system was installed at the Anneal Pickling Line, RSP last month. The system is equipped with pumping unit consisting of 6 acid rinsing pump-sets.
Each rinsing tank is being catered to by individual pump and rinse water of that tank is continuously re-circulated in that particular tank through close loop system. This prevents overflow of rinse water from one tank to another and thereby averts mixing of acidic water.
This will reduce extra load on acid treatment plant.
A self cleaning filter for improving input water quality for rinse tanks has already been installed.