Modern method for disposal of hazardous waste in RSP

Rourkela: In a bid to prevent contamination of ground water, a unique method of disposal of hazardous waste has been launched at Rourkela Steel Plant.

Launched on World Environment Day on June 5, Secured Landfill Facility (SLF) aims at preventing contamination of ground water due to dumping of hazardous wastes, the steel plant officials said here today.

As part of the project, a pit was constructed whose sides and bottom were made totally impervious by laying imported `Geo synthetic membrane` so that nothing from the pit percolates into the ground water. Four monitoring wells have been constructed around the landfill to analyse the quality of the water every month, they said.

About 1,300 tonnes of hazardous waste generated from 14 departments per annum will be safely deposited here. The facility will be extended subsequently to accommodate hazardous wastes for the next 15 years, the officials said.