Miscreants loot Rs 3.3 lakh with Rs 10 note in Union Bank!

Puri: In a bizarre crime, unidentified miscreants robbed a man of Rs 3.3 lakh by cleverly distracting him inside the Union Bank in front of Puri Town Police station on Friday.

The incident occurred soon after one Prahalad Champatiray of Kanasa village withdrew money from the Bank.

As per the complaint filed by the victim at the police station, he withdrew Rs 3.3 lakh from his account and sat on a chair nearby to count the money.

In the meantime, the miscreants allegedly played a trick and distracted his mind by dropping a Rs 10 note after he finished counting his notes.

By the time he bent down to pick the note from the ground, the thieves rounded him off and looted all his money before fleeing the spot.

Though he failed to catch hold any of them, the CCTV footage inside the Bank revealed involvement of as many as six persons in the crime.

“The miscreants snatched the bag containing the cash and decamped. After seeing the CCTV footage, the Bank then directed me to file a complaint with the police,” said Prahalad.

Subal Ghadei, Senior Manager of Union Bank, said, “Prahalad Champatiray, who is a contractor, withdrew Rs 3.30 lakh from his savings account and sat on one corner of the sofa. Everything has been recorded in the CCTV.”

Meanwhile, police have begun an investigation into the incident. “We are investigating the matter. Seeing the CCTV footage of the bank, we can conclude that the miscreants committed the crime in a very tricky way. All of them will be nabbed soon,” said a police official.