Mining body urges modification in field survey

Bhubaneswar: The Eastern Zone Mining Association, coinciding with the commencement of joint verification of mining lease boundaries, on Friday proposed the state government for some modifications in the survey process to make it aberration free.
In a letter the mining body stated that the cadastral sheets (revenue maps) have to be vectorised only after the anomalies present in the revenue sheets are removed. 
These vectorised maps can then be geo-referenced and validated based upon fixed ground control points with known co-ordinates.
Further it mentioned that these maps have to pass an authenticity test i.e. distance between two points depicted in the revenue sheet should match with the same two points in the georeferenced validated vectorised map.
Also, the dimension and area of each of the plots shown in the revenue sheet should match with that in the georeferenced validated vectorised map. Similarly total area of the village as computed in the revenue sheet should match with that in the geo referenced vectorised map, it stated.
After these maps receive certification from the Revenue Department as authentic, these can be used for mining lease survey, the letter read.
Meanwhile, in pursuance of Shah Commission’s instruction, the seven-member survey team, involving ORSAC scientists and officials of Forest and Mines departments started the field verification process of nine mining areas in Keonjhar and Sudergarh district on Friday. These are; Garuda Mines (Joda circle), Murgabeda Mines of DR Pattnaik Company, Goalie Mines of RP Shaw Company and Ganua Mines of SN Mohanty Company (Koida circle).