Medical Negligence: Hospital staff operate on woman patient’s wrong leg

Keonjhar: In a shocking case of medical negligence, a female patient’s right leg was allegedly operated instead of the left in Anandpur Sub-divisional hospital in Keonjhar district. The patient Mitarani Jena of Khabil village went to the hospital for treatment of a wound on her left leg.

After inspecting the patient’s condition, the doctor at the hospital instructed the medical staff to dress the wound. However, the medical staff allegedly operated the wrong leg of the patient.

“The staff in the dressing room was dozing and I do not know what happened after he administered an injection. Later, I found that operation was conducted on my right leg instead of the left,” patient Mitarani Jena said.

Mitarani’s husband, Trilochan Jena said “They said that the left leg is infected and needs surgery. They took her for dressing and operated the wrong leg. They are trying to shrug off responsibility and giving us false reasons.”

On the other hand, the Medical Officer In-charge of Anandpur Sub-Divisional Hospital, Krushna Chandra Das feigned ignorance about the incident. “I don’t have any knowledge of such allegations,” he said.