Maricha Kunda can benefit everybody: Badu Niyog

Bhubaneswar: Badu Niyog, a section of the servitors on Saturday announced in a press conference that this year on the eve of Ashokastami holy water from Maricha Kunda (holy well)  in the Gupteswar temple at Kedar Gouri, would be available for devotees facing problems in conceiving babies.

As per legends, a pot of water from Maricha Kunda can help childless women bear babies. Every year the night before Ashokastami, pots of water from Maricha Kunda are customarily auctioned to people who would benefit from this.

Though Government has fixed Rs 10,000 for the water auctioned in the first hour, it is the highest bidder who gets the privilege to procure the water . And the price of water drops in the subsequent hours.

Many couples from different districts across the state and other states facing problems in conceiving babies make a beeline to the shrine to have the scared water which is believed to have divine and curative properties.