Marginal cut in petrol and diesel prices for fourth consecutive day

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices across the country were cut by nine paise for the fourth straight day on Saturday.

In the past 16 days, petrol and diesel prices hiked in the range of Rs. 3.22-3.99 per litre in the four metros including New Delhi, on the back of a rise in global crude oil prices and weakness in the rupee against the US dollar.

On Friday, petrol price stood at Rs. 78.29 per litre while diesel price was Rs. 69.20 a litre in New Delhi. The new revised petrol rates in metro cities are – Rs. 80.84 in Kolkata, Rs. 86.01 in Mumbai and Rs. 81.19 in Chennai.

The price of diesel in Kolkatta is Rs. 71.66, Rs. 73.58 in Mumbai and Rs. 72.97 in Chennai.

The fuel prices came down in Kerala by Re 1 after the state government’s decision to reduce cess. After the cut, petrol is now being sold for Rs. 81.40 per litre and diesel stood at Rs. 74.05 a litre in Kerela.

However, the marginal cut in the petrol and diesel rates failed to generate positive response from people as the Central government had hiked the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs. 2.34 for subsidized and Rs. 48 for non-subsidised cylinders on Friday.

The new price for subsidised cylinder in Delhi is Rs. 493.55, while that of non-subsidised cylinder is Rs. 698.50. The prices of LPG were increased in Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai and other parts of the country as well.

“The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry reduced fuel price which is negligible but at the same time increased LPG price by Rs. 48 for non-subsidised cylinders. All of us who had forgone our subsidy are now repenting as we responded to the government’s call. We feel cheated now,” tweeted former VC of Berhampur University, Jayant Kumar Mohapatra.