Man injured while hanging upside down over fire for cure

Phulbani: In a bizarre attempt to cure disability, a youth suffered burn injuries after hanging himself upside down over fire during a secret ritual at Mahamayee Temple in Baliguda of Kandhamal district.

The youth has been identified as Bhabani Shankar Nanda, who is a priest by profession and is physically disabled. The matter came to light after the video of the incident went viral.

“It was my decision to hang myself upside down and go through the rituals as I wanted to get rid of my disability,” Bhabani Shankar said.

According to sources, the incident took place on September 8 when the youth hung himself upside down over fire and ended up suffering severe burn injuries. Shockingly, even after suffering severe burn injuries, he chose to undertake self-medication at the temple and was admitted at Baliguda hospital by the police six days after the incident.

“I had gone to another temple when this incident happened. I came to know about it later in the day,” Bhabani’s mother, Pramila Nanda said.

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President of Maa Mahamayi Temple, Mukta Nayak said “He suffered injuries after he came in contact with hot sand. We immediately rescued him from getting further injured.”

Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation into the case.