Man detained for ditching ‘transgender’ wife

Nayagarh: In a bizarre case, a newly-married man was detained by the police for ditching his wife by branding her as a Kinnar (transgender) after medical tests proved otherwise.

The incident reported from Dimirijhari area in Nayagarh district has predictably led to a lot of chatter among the locals.

The man identified as Anant Nayak alleged that his wife was not a woman and hence he cannot lead a normal marital life with her.

After such claims, family members of both Anant and his wife reached the hospital where a medical examination was done on the woman. The tests proved that the allegation made by Anant was false and his wife was indeed a woman.

“After staying with my wife, I realized that she was not a female; neither was her behaviour like a woman. After discovering this, I informed my parents and her parents. However, her parents are not ready to accept the fact and are unnecessarily creating ruckus,” said Anant.

“All allegations over my gender are false. I am a female and I had clarified that to my husband, who is not ready to accept me. Now the medical reports have proved my case. He should be punished and I want justice,” said the sobbing bride.

“She is completely a female and all physical attributes to prove the same are present in her. Given her physical attributes, a bio-chemichal test on her is likely to prove her as a female,” said the doctor who conducted the test.

According to sources, Anant and his mother have been detained by the police after the medical test results.