Major state rivers in spate

Bhubaneswar: Following heavy rains in catchment areas in the past 24 hours, major rivers including Mahandi and Bansadhara are in spate, according to official figures. Water level of Mahandi at Naraj stood at 25.99m while the warning level is 25.41m and danger level 26.42m.
Similarly water level of Bansadhara at Kashinagar stood at 54.09m that surpassed warning level of 53.60m and inching  towards danger level of 54.60m. In Jenapur, water level of Brahmani stood at 20.80m with warning level of 22m. Likewise Baitarani water level at Anandpur was 35.56m where, the warning level is 37.46m.

Though the flood like situation in Nayagarh and Kandhamal districts has improved, the Nayagarh district administration has announced to distribute cooked food in Udaipur for the next three days. Due to heavy rain, as many as 30 villages of 20 Panchayats were affected.