Madhu babus house lies in neglect as history gathers dust

Cuttack: Orissa became the first state created on the basis on language — the man who mostly contributed to its creation is the legendary Madhu babu.

Madhusudan Das – famously called Madhu babu played a big role in the formation of a separate state in 1936. This historic man founded Utkal Sammilani which brought a revolution in the state.  

Today while we salute the great patriot on his 163rd birth anniversary and celebrate this anniversary at various places, his ancestral house ironically remains in darkness on this day.

Madhu babu was born in Satyabhamapur in the then Cuttack district.  His house in Satyabhamapur where he spent his early days in childhood — is currently facing administrative neglect.

The house still has a study room, kitchen and a prayer house — all lying in utter neglect as dust gathers everywhere. Now the thatched house is still there; as sun rays stream in through big openings in the house. Besides, white ants have eaten into the doors.  

Though Kasturaba Gandhi Memorial Trust has been in charge of his house and property; only the minimum has been done. The most disheartening is how his personal items have been destroyed in the absence of proper care.

Sandhya Rani Mallick, Caretaker, Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust said, “Madhu babu has really been neglected here. Though people all over the state, know him through TV, still his native house in Satyabhamapur is only visited during anniversaries.”

The government is allegedly not sincere about efforts to retain the memory of prominent personalities.Madhu babu’s house which could have been developed as a tourists’ attraction or national museum; is now on the verge of abandonment.

According to a local, though Madhu Babu was born here, no step has been taken to keep his memory alive. Besides, the surrounding areas of his house lack proper infrastructure.  

“No improvement in the infrastructure has been made in this area, as there is no concrete road here. The road to the school Madhu Babu went to as a child, which was repaired by Madhu Babu himself; still lies neglected.”  

It’s high-time that we took steps to take special care of Madhu babu’s native house so that people can gather on important days to pay tributes to him.