Maa Budhisaantani yatra enters 12th day

Berhampur: The famed Maa Budhisaantani yatra on Friday entered into its 12th day of celebration here.

Maa Budhisaantani in a giant procession started her march to the royal palace on Thursday night and entered the temporary abode of her father’s house on Friday.

After the Mahuli king Ashok Kumar Narendra Dev customarily performed some puja, she went to her Mausi’s place and had some pudding and cakes there. Then Maa took the tour of several villages before she finally came back to her temporary abode.

During her tour, devotees cleansed Budhisaantani’s feet with water which had turmeric it. Many devotees turned up at the mandap (Budhisaantani’s temporary abode) for her darshan and puja.