Love for tradition:Bullock driven oil-mill

Nimapara:The old gives way to the new. But not in village Alandajagiri under Nimapara tehsil in Puri district. It might anachronistic though. The good old traditional grinding machine to prepare oil runs proudly in the house of Chhaya Sahoo as a testimony to the fact. Not for one or two but for six long generations the Sahoos have been running the machine with pride and eak out a living from it.

The Sahoo family collects mustard, coconuts and groundnuts and several other oil-seeds to prepare pure oil edible oil. The products have a very good demand. Familes from nearby villages also bring their raw materiala for grinding and the Sahoos just collect the making charges!

The tela ghana(the grinding machine) is a unique treat for the eyes. The traditional components of the machine are made up of strong woods. Its feature is unique. Two bullocks pull the string of the grinding machine in circles. While the waste products are chanelled out at one end, the liquid product, pure oil comes out at another end. The products is collected in tins and drums.

The pure liquid products are used not just for preparation of food items but also ayurvedic medicines for which the Sahoos and the traditional oil machine are in great demand. Purity is guaranteed. Science might have made exemplary advancement. Yet the society loves the old and its traditions. That is the crux for the survival of the Sahoos and the traditional oil mill.