Lot is wanted on food security:Commission

Bhubaneswar: The special commission on food security appointed by the Supreme Court today expressed its displeasure over the steps taken by the state government to check starvation deaths in the state and to tackle the drought conditions. The commission has suggested a few measures and advised the state government to follow it in future to address the problem.

The commission headed by Hersh Mander recently visited Sinapalli in western Odisha to inquire about the starvation death. The commission was convinced that Laxman Jagat died due to starvation. Claimed Rajkishore Mishra, state advisor to the commission," Laxman and his family comprising eleven members had not received PDS rice for five months. Naturally Laxman was a victim of hunger and deprivation."

The commission members on their return from Sinapalli met the chief secretary and several other higher-ups of the government at the state secretariat. The members of the commission headed by Hersh Mander provided some guidelines to stop starvation deaths in the state. The commission without mincing words has reprimaned the government for unsatisfactory implementation of the Antodaya scheme in the tribal dominated district in the state. The commission too has warned the government about the malnutrition problem in children in the state.

The commission later met the chief minister. Chief secretary Bijoy Pattanaik informed that the government has already started the identification of malnutrition affected children in the state and steps were being taken to streamline PDS network.