Left to die 6 years back, new life beckons for Aparajita

Bhadrak: Aparajita, a six-year-old girl, who was abandoned and left to die by her parents in 2012, was adopted by a US-based couple today.

Though Aparajita is too small to understand that she has been adopted, she is all set to start a new life with new possibilities and hope.

For Aparajita, life has been a struggle since her birth as she was abandoned much before she could get the love and affection of family.

It was on February 18, 2012, the newborn girl was rescued from the jaws of death near Bhadrak bus terminal. Official sources said stray dogs were feeding upon Aparajita when she was rescued by the members of Child Welfare Committee. She lost a portion of her hand after being attacked by dogs.

Aparajita was then only a day old and was lucky to survive.

The girl was then named ‘Aparajita’ and was being nurtured at ‘Batsalya’ care home.

The couple from USA-Merideth Kayoscoda and Math Scoda is too excited to have adopted Aparajita.

“We are already blessed with two sons and we wanted a girl child. As the girl needed a family and we need a girl, we adopted her,” said Merideth.

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Sudarshan Barik, Chairman of Child Welfare Committee informed that everybody in Bhadrak is happy over the adoption of the girl.

“We have asked the US-based couple to contact and send pictures of the girl every six months,” said Barik.