Leaking godown roof leaves Bargarh farmers a worried lot

Bargarh: Leakages in roof of the Kalamani market yard godown where sacks of food grains are stacked have left farmers anxious and worried. Even a brief spell of rain is enough to expose the food grains to damage, rued the farmers who are a worried lot particularly after the weathermen predicted onset of heavy rains due to monsoon.

The farmers have urged the district administration and the millers to take steps for immediate procurement of paddy from the godown.

“Paddy growers here are spending sleepless nights as the leakages are leading to damage of the stocks. We demand early lifting of the crop from the market yard,” Suresh, a farmer of Kalamani said.

Officials of the Primary Agriculture Cooperation Society (PACS) however played down the allegations. Radheshyam Pradhan, a PACS official stated, “It is a minor leakage and the paddy sacks have not been affected much. We have already informed the higher-ups about the issue and requested for construction of new godowns and platforms.”

On the other hand, the District Supply Officer informed that the millers have already been directed to procure the paddy from the market yard at the earliest.

“We have already asked millers to lift paddy from the godown. The Regulated Market Committee (RMC) has also been asked to repair the leakage,” Bargarh district supply officer Shreekara Majhi said.