Lawyers, doctors face off in Koraput over death of patient

Koraput: After the police-lawyer spat in Cuttack, a new dispute between the doctors and lawyers has cropped up in Jeypore, Koraput over alleged medical negligence.

According to sources, lawyer Satyabrata Padhi had taken his 6-month old baby daughter to the district hospital in Jeypore for treatment on November 14. However, the baby died following which there was an argument between the in-attendance paediatrician Prashant Samal and Satyabrata. Reportedly, there was a violent scuffle between them. Subsequently, Samal filed a complaint against Padhi at the local police station, sources added.

However, protesting against the doctors, the Koraput District Bar Association filed a counter complaint yesterday, sources said.

Biresh Mohan Patnaik, President, Jeypore Bar Association said “In the interest of the patients, we did not want to take the issue forward. However, after the irresponsible behaviour of the doctor and the police complaint, we decided to file complaint against him.”

“I went to the District Medical Officer (DMO) and expressed my helplessness after being threatened by the lawyer. I submitted my complaint about being misbehaved on duty to the DMO and IIC,” Samal said.

Meanwhile, Jeypore Police said that action will be taken after investigation into the complaints filed by both sides.
Kailash Chandra Sethi, IIC, Jeypore Police Station said “Two counter cases have been filed concerning the incident. We will take action after investigating the facts.”