Bhubaneswar:  Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Kodikunnil Suresh on Tuesday said that the union labour ministry will interfere in the Bushan incident, if the probe currently being conducted by the state government fails to give satisfactory results.
“It is truly a very unfortunate incident.  I have been informed that the state government is investigating the matter. But the labour ministry of GOI will definitely interfere in the case, if the inquiry is not satisfactory,” Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment K Suresh told in an exclusive interview with OTV.
“I will ask the regional labour commissioner to inquire about it,” added he.
On being asked about BSL’s (Bhushan Steel Ltd) measures for safety of the labourers, Suresh said, “There is a law to provide facilities to the workers. But the Bhushan management is violating the labour laws. They are not providing adequate safety and security to the workers in the plant.”
“This is a very serious matter. We will take action against those who will be found guilty in the incident,” the minister rued.
When asked about a separate investigation into the last week’s gruesome incident that claimed the life of a labourer and left 15 others injured, Suresh said he is waiting for the state government’s report to come.
“Yes of course we'll interfere in the matter, if the state govt’s report does not satisfy us. We'll appoint our labour commissioner to make a detail inquiry into the incident,” asserted he.
Yesterday, Union Minister and Congress leader Srikant Jena had also alleged that people have been dying in the Bhushan Steel plant because no safety measures have been adopted.
"Right from the inception till now, Bhushan is bulldozing all laws of the land and could manage to stay there," PTI quoted Jena as saying at a press conference in New Delhi.