Krishna kills Kansa, Dhanu Yatra ends

Bargarh: The reign of terror has come to an end. The reign of brutal king Kansa has ended in a tragic manner though. The denizens of Mathura heave a sigh of relief. These lines are not from the epic Mahabharat.

The eleven day world famous Dhanu Yatra has come to an end with the demolition of Kansa at the hands of two children. Krishna and Balram. Kansa was cursed to die at the hands of Krishna and he had the providential warning. Finally, the forecast came true.

On the last day of the Dhanu Yatra Krishna and Balram, two kids, came to Mathura(Bargarh town gets converted to Mathura for the special occasion) along with their friends on the invitation of uncle Kansa. Kansa of course had his sinister`s design in inviting the two brothers.

While entering the palace of Kansa, a mighty elephant named Kubalaya, waylaid the two brothers. Krishna easily overpowered the elephant and killed it spreading terror in kansa`s heart. That was the begining of the final part of the Dhanu Yatra considered to be the world`s largest open air theatrical festival.

The killingmof Kubalaya was folowed by the killings of Astamalla, Chanura and Mustika. Then the duo broke the famous Bow of Shiva(Shiva Dhanu). The final round of the play unfoled with the fight between uncle Kansa and the duo of Krishna-Balram.

The end of Kansa came in a tragic manner. He fell off from the high pedestal. And died. With that started celebrations of the death of the brutal King. The citizens of Mathura celebrated the death through fireworks.