‘Know Your Police’ to allay fear of cops among students

Bhubaneswar: Students from various schools in Bhubaneswar today interacted with police officials and got firsthand knowledge about the policing system under the ‘Know Your Police’ initiative of the Commissionerate Police.

Commissioner of Police Satyajit Mohanty launched the programme at Capital Police Station and Nandankanan Police Station in Bhubaneswar today.


As part of the programme, the students got the opportunity to ask questions to the cops regarding their way of working. The initiative mainly aims to allay fear of Police among the students and create a police-friendly environment.

“I have been seeing the characters of police played by actors in movies since my childhood and I always had the impression that they are dangerous. But now I realized that the notion was totally wrong,’ said a student, Roli Prakash, who attended the interactive session today.

“They are people vested with specific responsibilities and their work is to safeguard us,” she added.

“Due to various perceptions of different sectors, people refrain from interaction with police. This programme aims to create awareness among the masses so that they come to police stations and interact with the cops and know how the system actually works,” said Mohanty.