Kidney patient seeks medial aid

Basudevpur: Subal (13) suffering from serious kidney ailment is seeking medical aid, in the absence of which he might completely lose his kidney, as doctors have warned.   

Subal is son of Ramesh Jena, a resident Gokulpur, Bhadrak. After he was diagnosed with kidney disease, he was admitted into a hospital in Basudevpur, then Bhadrak and then Sisu Bhavan (paediatric hospital), Cuttack.  

As Subal’s condition is deteriorating everyday, his chance of getting medial help is getting dimmer. It is his body which is swelling every day which is scaring his parents. 

Dr. Amal Chandra Bardhan, medicine specialist said, “The boy is suffering from Nephrotic kidney syndrome which requires long treatment and is often difficult to cure. He can be admitted into Nephrology Centre for treatment, for which a lot of money is required.”

His father has been literally begging and looking for help from everywhere; has applied for Chief Minister’s relief fund and is yet to receive any reply.
Ramesh’s older son who joined some company to earn money so that they could meet the medial expenses; has met with an accident, adding to the plight of his parents.