Kalameri village grappling with drinking water problems

Paralakhemundi: Residents of Kalameri village in Mohana block of Gajapati district are reeling under severe drinking water problems.

Villagers allege that even though the village has four tube wells for supply of drinking water, two of them are not operational and the other two pump out polluted water. The villagers have to walk over to the Mendagori check dam to meet their daily water requirements.

“We face a lot of drinking water problems in the village. We take water from the check dam but it is not healthy and the tube wells pump out polluted water,” said Laxmi Satpathy, a resident of the village said.

Apart from this, the water pump put up by the Water Resources Department for supply of water to the agriculture lands in the village is also not functioning due to lack of electricity supply, allege villagers.

“The pump doesn’t work because there is no supply of electricity,” said a farmer Sebati Baidya.
Meanwhile, Binod Bihari Das, Panchayat Executive Officer (PEO) of Shikulipadar panchayat said, “We have recently ordered materials for repair work of the tube wells which will be done soon.”

Nrusingha Prasad Samantara, Junior Engineer, Minor Irrigation Division, Mohana said, “The farmers are disconnecting the electricity connection after use. When the Electricity Department asks for re-connection charges, the villagers don’t pay them. If the farmers deposit the amount water will be supplied throughout the year.”