Kalahandi joins save Gajraj campaign

Bhubaneswar: OTV’s Save Gajraj (Elephant) Campaign in their visit to Kalahandi district hit upon the grim scenario of depletion of forest coupled with rapid loss forest areas for expansion of agriculture.

Since a couple a days, the campaign has attracted voices from many organizations and schools across the state — which prominently includes Kalahandi district.

School children in the district came out with a procession to sensitize people about the elephant safety; as students of Swami Vivekananda Public School of Bhabanipatna holding placards in their hands made the tour of the city.

Students staged the street play ‘Save elephant, save Life’ — and mouthing the slogans like ‘Save Gajraj, Save India’ spread the message loud and clear. They also submitted a memorandum to the District Collector which was addressed to the Chief Minister.
Jagannath Mohanty, sub-collector in his remarks said, “The campaign should move from the urban centres to the interiors. And we should avoid further negligence, if we don’t, we may lose the species for good. Steps should be taken to protect elephant vis-a- vis other animals which hold the eco-system together.” 

Kalahandi requires a special mention, as here the indiscriminate cutting down of forest trees and Podu cultivation have not only contributed to the natural loss of the corridors of elephant population but posed threats to the life of the elephants.