Jumbo dies of suspected sunstroke in Dhenkanal

Bhubaneswar: Efforts of the villagers of Kapilas in Dhenkanal went in vain as they could not save the life of an elephant who succumbed to suspected sunstroke on Wednesday.

The residents tried their level best and left no stone unturned to provide succor to the pachyderm. There has been human-animal conflict due to depleting habitat as a result of which the jumbos transgress into human habitations. But, the villagers went forward to help the elephant out despite all odds.

According to reports, locals in Kapilas area today discovered a jumbo lying half dead as a result of suspected sunstroke in the forests of Dahimal. On discovering the unconscious elephant, the locals sprinkled water on the elephant to help regain consciousness.
People poured buckets of water in a bid to prevent the elephant lose its senses.
Though, the forest officials reached the spot and treated the quadruped, it was too late. The pachyderm breathed his last.