Joint inspection team finds ‘cracks’ in Nata Mandap of Puri Srimandir

Puri: A joint team comprising officials and members of the core Committee of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), IIT Kharagpur and Chennai today detected some cracks in the column capital of Puri Srimandir’s Nata Mandap.

AK Patel, member of the core inspection team said, out of the total four central column capital of Nata Mandap, cracks were detected in two while it doesn’t pose any threat. There are nearly 16 columns inside the Nata Mandap, sources said.

“The team conducted a detailed inspection of Nata Mandap as well as other structures for three days. Apart from cracks at few places, water seepage from the ceiling of the Nata Mandap is also a cause of concern,” said Patel.

Patel further informed that a team is trying to explore alternative methods that can be adopted for the repairs of the damage to the column capital of Nata Mandap instead of installing steel frames.

During their three-day inspection, the team also reviewed the condition of Jagamohan and Bhoga Mandap.

“A detailed discussion will be done on exploring the alternative methods for repair and preservation of the structure. Later, a blue print will be prepared and sent to ASI for necessary action,” said BK Rath, another member of the joint inspection team.