JB’s tenure ends on Dec 11, to return Odisha

Bhubaneswar: After staying five years away from the active politics as the Governor of Assam, Janaki Ballahab Patnaik, who has been in the power corridor for long four decades, is returning Odisha after completion of his tenure on December 11.

All eyes have centered at him and upon his activities whether he would enter the State politics. Speculation is rife about JB joining the politic which was quite evident from his frequent state visit from Assam and remarks over Sankarachrya and Rath Yatra issue. Notably, his statement over Puri Sankaracharya and climbing on chariots during last Ratha Yatra had put the Government in trouble.

Patnaik who is also a noted litterateur, had held many coveted posts in the past including union minister, chief minister, Odisha PCC president.

However, he will remain as an acting Governor of Assam until he has been replaced.