JB Patnaik favours bipartisan approach to politics

Berhampur: Favouring a bipartisan approach to politics, Assam Governor J B Patnaik on Thursday urged political parties to work in cooperation instead of confronting each other.

"Like in the USA, bipartisan mechanism should be adopted by Indian political parties for smooth implementation of different programmes and welfare schemes," Patnaik, a former Odisha chief minister said.

"Opposition political parties should not oppose every programme of the ruling party for the sake of opposition.
Similarly, the ruling party should also accept good and constructive suggestions of opposition parties," Patnaik told the valedictory function of the birth centenary celebration of former state minister Brundaban Nayak at Chandipadar in Ganjam district.

"It is seen that political parties say one thing when in power and speak in different language when they are in Opposition. It is not proper. Political parties should maintain their principle and ideology, whether they are in power or out of it," he said.

Describing politics as a sacred mission, the Assam governor said the state would experience disturbances, if the value of politics was eroded.

The governor also expressed displeasure over bureaucrats commenting on politicians. "I want to tell them that they cannot do their services unless the government functions. Leaders of various political parties need to guard democracy," Patnaik said.

Stating that the politics in India was very old, he gave the example of Lord Krishna advising Pandavas to learn politics from Bhism.

Similarly Kautalay wrote the Artha-Sastra, which dealt more about politics than economics, Patnaik also the author of several Odia books said.