Jay Panda writes PM on fast-track courts for crimes against women

Bhubaneswar: Senior BJD leader and Kendrapara MP Baijayant Jay Panda on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to set up fast-track courts for crimes against women and cases involving criminal charges against elected representatives.
In his letter to Singh, the MP said, “There is an urgent need to increase the number of judges in courts and provide them with the requisite infrastructure and fast-track procedures that facilitate timely justice.”
The focus of the fast-track courts must be on two areas, i.e. criminalisation of politics and widespread crimes against women, he added.
As per a report published by the Association of Democratic Reforms, 76 of the 543 members elected to Lok Sabha in 2009 had been charged with serious criminal charges.
Panda said, “There is an urgent need to break this criminal-political nexus. This can be facilitated if criminal cases against elected representatives are expeditiously disposed.”
In his letter Panda also highlighted the crisis that affects the judiciary system. “The judges per million population in India stands at 13, compared to 100 in developed countries. Despite the Law Commission’s recommendation in 1987 to raise it immediately to 50, and to 100 by the year 2000, it still remains abysmally low.”
“Owing to this, more than 30 million cases remain pending at all levels of the judiciary, about three million of them for over a decade,” he added.